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Ulsan Hyundai fined 10 million won
Ulsan Hyundai defeated Jeonbuk Hyundai 1-0 in the marquee match of the 27th round of the Korean K-League. However, Ulsan Hyundai was fined 10 million won by the Korea Football Professional League for insulting their opponents at home, and for not showing the VAR review on the live screen when the VAR intervened, but instead showing the slow-motion involving the penalty.
[Image: vfm-thumb.php?thumb=dXBsb2Fkcy8wMDUvJUU1...BuZw==&y=1]
In last week's 27th round of the K-League, leaders Ulsan Hyundai won 1-0 at home thanks to Lee Cheong Ryong's assist on Yim Won Sang's game-winning goal. With this win, Ulsan Hyundai's lead in the standings and their advantage in the playoffs has been completely established.
However, after the win, Ulsan Hyundai received a fine from the Korean Professional Football League (KPFL) for insulting Jeonbuk Hyundai during the pre-match on-field broadcast while cheering for Ulsan Hyundai. In addition, when the VAR intervened, the big screen at Ulsan Hyundai's home stadium did not show the image of the VAR's intervention, but kept showing the image related to the penalty. According to the regulations, when the VAR intervenes, it is only allowed to show the intervening screen and not other contents.
As a result, Ulsan Hyundai was fined 10 million won, or 55,000 yuan, by the Korea Football Professional League for both offenses.

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