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B Seat to get pay rise to extend Man City contract for 4 years
B Seat is close to extending his contract with Manchester City, with both sides set to sign until 2027, according to leading transfer journalist Skylar.
[Image: vfm-thumb.php?thumb=dXBsb2Fkcy8wMDUvRnNC...5qcGc=&y=1]
Skylar wrote on social media, "B Seat is close to renewing his contract with Manchester City until 2027, and he will receive a significant pay rise."

B Seat had previously been mired in rumors of a departure, with sources claiming he was eager to join Barcelona, but the move never came to fruition. And City need to retain their side attacker options after sending Mahrez packing.

B XI joined City in the summer window of 2017, so far has made 307 appearances for the team, scoring 55 goals and 59 assists, helping the Blue Moon Army to win one Champions League title, five Premier League titles, two FA Cup titles and four League Cup titles.

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