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Cincinnati bakery rolls out Messi-printed cookies, gets sprayed by fans
The U.S. Open was hosted by FC Cincinnati on August 24 at 7:00 p.m. against Lionel Messi's Miami International. Before the match, the local media broke a little story.
[Image: vfm-thumb.php?thumb=dXBsb2Fkcy8wMDUvRnBE...5wbmc=&y=1]
Cincinnati-based Busken Bakery is offering cookies with Messi's head on them ahead of the U.S. Open Cup semifinals.

"Welcome to Cincinnati! Messi cookies are available at all bakeries while supplies last," the company said in a since-deleted post on its official social media. The bakery company was then met with an outcry from FC Cincinnati fans.

"So sad." "Is it really Baskin Bakery?" "Shut up!" "Enough!" These are just some of the comments below the promotional image of Macy's cookies
The company immediately reacted to the fans' displeasure by posting a photo of the Cincinnati Football Club-themed treat with the message, "Calm down! Of course we support our home team and eat home team themed cookies most of the time! ...... We're not intentionally causing a ruckus to welcome a ballplayer."

This tidbit also signaled the fiery atmosphere before the two teams' games, with many teams making beating Miami their number one goal due to Messi's arrival and thinking about how to keep the star confined in the game. Against the Philadelphia Union, and in the League Cup final against Nashville SC, Messi was booed wildly.

And Messi responded by winning both games, as for tomorrow's battle with FC Cincinnati we shall see!

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