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Ajax's hat-trick winner has left the club
September 1, 2:00 am, the second round of the UEFA Cup qualifying playoffs, the Dutch Ajax will be at home against Bulgaria's Ludogorets, the first round of the meeting between the two teams, Ajax away 4-1 lead.

With a 3-goal lead, Ajax has one foot in the UEFA Cup. However, Kudus, the striker who scored a hat-trick in the first leg, has joined West Ham United of the English Premier League for a transfer fee of 43 million dollars. Ajax brought in Georgian striker Mikatadze, who scored 2 goals and assisted 1 in 3 rounds of Ligue 1 this season, to replace him, but the newcomer has not yet practiced with the team and needs a little more time.
[Image: vfm-thumb.php?thumb=dXBsb2Fkcy8wMDUvRmpi...5qcGc=&y=1]
In addition to the star's departure, Ajax has a number of absentees. In addition to the injury absence of substitute goalkeeper Parswell, who is difficult to play, injuries to starting goalkeeper Lully, center back Kaplan, winger Dongen and winger Francesco Conceição, and the illness of core player Bogues, have hamstrung the coach.

However, Ludogorets face the same problem. Their star center back, Portuguese foreigner Almeida, two left backs, Nedialkov and Groppel, and striker Duah are all out with injuries. Nedialkov is the team's spiritual leader and captain, and Duah is the ace of the team's attacking line, scoring 11 goals in the German Bundesliga last season (playing for Nuremberg), and assisting two times on his debut in the Bulgarian league after joining the team this season, so their injuries have a big impact on the team.

Despite the 1-4 scoreline, the Ludogorets players have stated before the match that they will give their best regardless of the scoreline, just as they did in the first leg when they were 0-4 down in the 50th minute but still fought bravely to recover a goal.

Pre-match soundbites:

Steyn (Ajax coach): 'Boguys is sick, will he play? We'll see, I'll talk to him. Will the injury-ridden team continue to acquire strong reinforcements? Let's confirm one thing, Ajax is a team that relies on youth training and is not a 'buy-buy-buy' team. In the last 2 games we have used 7 players from the youth setup and I chose them simply because, well, they are good!"

Bitev (Ludogorets coach): "We are ready and we will give 100%. Personally, Ajax is one of the two greatest opponents of my career (the other was against France when I coached Bulgaria), they are not on the same level as us and have very capable individual players. It's an honor to play against them, but we'll try to cause them problems!"

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